A New Paradigm in Battery Technology for a Sustainable Future

NantG Power is developing a radical new approach to design and manufacture batteries with improved performance, cost, and environmental stewardship using AI and multiphysics computer models to design application-specific cells, modules, and packs.

Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong speaks about Sienza's novel carbon 3D nano-structure of electrodes

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Incumbent lithium-ion batteries are currently limited to 750 Wh/L and charging times of 15 minutes or longer, due a variety of fundamental reasons, including materials and safety limitations. NantG Power is targeting materials, technologies and engineering approaches that are poised to produce batteries with 2x improvement in performance, and charging times over state of the art technologies. Our approach is based on a technology platform that integrates novel anode/cathode materials, advanced 3D ionically and electronically conductive scaffolds enabling higher active material loadings, next-generation electrolytes and engineered interphases, improved manufacturing methods, and enhanced analytics.

2X More Energy

Patented 3D architecture. Chemistry agnostic and focused on high capacity (mAh/g) no-Cobalt and no-nickel proprietary active materials.

Ultra-Fast Charging

Application specific low-tortuosity 3D electrode design with proprietary high rate active materials and engineered cell architecture, including electrode loadings, thicknesses, tabs, separators, weld technology, electrolytes, etc.

Long Cycle Lifetime

High efficiency charge and mass transfer, ensures high active materials utilization and reduced capacity fade over cycle life.

Higher Safety

Reduced side reactions/dendritic growth, low heat generation, uniform current density equates to a safer battery system under all conditions.

Lower Cost

Abundant and locally sourced materials, innovative manufacturing, dry processing, no organic solvents and benign manufacturing conditions result in a reduced cost.

Sustainable & Green

Graphene-based nanomaterials enable the use of more environmentally friendly and earth abundant elements like Iron, manganese, silicon, sulfur and lithium thus providing an alternative to nickel and cobalt rich active materials.

Working together to create next-generation batteries for a sustainable future

A New Battery Paradigm

Holistic development across the entire battery technology platform, materials, electrode engineering, module/pack development, analytics, manufacturing technologies, and quality and supply chain control creates a quantum leap in performance enabling higher energy and power densities.

Potential Markets
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Battery technologies for portable electronics, electric vehicles (passenger and commercial), electrical grid, and renewable energy storage.

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Our Technology
NantG Power's technology offers a superior solution that provides more energy and power density.

Groundbreaking Technology

Overcomes the shortfalls of legacy batteries using nanomaterials innovations – a 3D electrode microstructure and proprietary cathode materials – that improve energy density, charging speeds and safety.

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